The Day I Became a Web Engineer

The Day RU became a web engineer


October 28th, 2013 was a very special day for me, this is the day that I officially became a web engineer. It was with the help of a friend that I came to this decision, this realization. I believe this simple yet profound change in my mind set has freed me to be the person I wanted to become.



My New Personal Theme: Be the Silver Surfer!



My New Personal Theme: Be the Silver Surfer!

In my current occupation of photo finishing, technology seems to be coming in like a tsunami, a huge wave crushing the machines of old- literally burying them in outlying landfills. The paper prints of yesterday are being replaced by tablets of light my friend!

The wave of technological change that seems so destructive to those who cling to the past is seen as a wild ride to those who are letting it carry them to the future- a future that holds tremendous opportunities for those who wish to surf on top of the rolling wave of change. Be like the Silver Surfer!